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Smile Gallery

Before & After Dental Photos - Fountain Valley, CA Dentist

Welcome to our Photo Gallery.  Please enjoy some of our amazing smile transformations. 

Dr. Azi works hard to give you that smile you have always wanted. 

    Invisalign It is amazing how 10 

    months of Invisalign trays can really 

    change a smile. This patient came in 

    with slight crowding and gaps. 

    Unhappy with his smile. 10 months of 

    clear braces and patient walked out 

    smiling! So confident and proud of his 

    brand new smile! 




  Porcelain Crowns This particular 

   patient came in and was unhappy with

   her smile. She had crowding and a few 

   old cracked Veneers. Due to her heavy 

   grinding we recommended Porcelain 

   Crowns. We worked side by side with 

   our Dental Lab to be able to chose the 

   best shade to give the patient a more 

   natural look. In just one week Dr. Azi 

   and the lab came up with this amazing 




    Implant Supported Crown The #1

     option to restore teeth is Dental

     Implants. Dental Implants is like

     having your tooth all over again. There

     are 3 parts to an Implant; 1. Implant

     2. Abutment 3. Implant Crown.

     Dr. Edalat our specialist and Dr. Azi

     work side by side from step !-3.